How Muslims Compare with Most other Spiritual Americans

Even when Muslims constitute a small minority in the us, as well as their holy guide and many of the spiritual traditions try distinctly their, Muslim Us americans was certainly not “additional” with respect to religious lives otherwise politics throughout the Joined States. With techniques, it be noticeable not so much because of their distinctions for its similarities along with other religious communities.

Inside their number of religious partnership, Muslim People in america very directly be like light evangelicals and you can black colored Protestants. Within first governmental orientation, it closely be like black colored Protestants as well as seculars. With regards to their views into certain public products, instance homosexuality, Muslims’ conservatism matches that light evangelicals. Muslims is actually way more more than likely than simply evangelicals or other group to help with a job to possess bodies for the securing morality.


Muslims be the cause of less than 1 percent of the state’s population, whereas seven-in-10 People in america try Religious. Previous public-opinion surveys by Pew Look Heart discover, according to intensity of its religion, Muslim Americans really directly be like light evangelicals and you will black Protestants. In this every around three communities, high majorities (72% regarding Muslim Us citizens, 79% out of light evangelicals and 85% off black colored Protestants) say religion try “important” in their life. Those somewhat highest proportions place all the about three organizations other than Catholics (49%) and white mainline Protestants (36%).

Whenever inquired about how they think of their personal label, no more than one fourth (28%) of all Muslim Us citizens say it choose on their own very first since the an American in place of as a beneficial Muslim. That it number try strikingly similar to the portion of white evangelicals (28%) which state they think off on their own basic as the Western and just secondarily given that Christian. In reality, a high part of evangelicals (62%) choose on their own first because of the their faith than would Muslims (47%). (Regarding you to-5th of Muslim Us americans – 18% – state they think out of themselves once the one another Western and Muslim.)

1 / 2 of Muslim People in the us (50%) view the Koran since word of Jesus to be taken practically, word for word. Majorities regarding both light evangelicals (66%) and you will black colored Protestants (68%) hold an identical view of the Bible. Among Catholics and you may light mainline Protestants, by contrast, fewer than simply 50 % of (25% and twenty two%, respectively) bring a literal look at the newest Scriptures.

Nothing for the should be to suggest that Muslims and you can Christians carry out not have decidedly different faith and strategies. However, the latest similarity for the religious intensity of Muslims to numerous communities you to might imagine away from themselves given that wholly in the place of Muslims was hitting.

Partisanship and Ideology

Regardless of if light evangelicals show similarities that have Muslims with regards to spiritual intensity, both teams will vary with respect to the respective governmental positioning. Muslim People in america, this basically means, tend to be more politically liberal than simply evangelicals, plus equivalent within their earliest political mind-set in order to black Protestants, secular People in the us and, oftentimes, light mainline Protestants.

Among Muslims, only 11% say they are Republicans otherwise lean Republican; the latest figure is similar (10%) among black Protestants. Certainly white evangelicals, brand new portion of Republicans (57%) is more than five times large – making them, by this level, the team that’s very in the place of Muslim People in america.

From the half dozen-in-ten Muslims say he could be often Democrats or lean Popular, around the same proportion since certainly one of secular Americans. Black colored Protestants are far more greatly Popular than Muslims, whenever you are white evangelicals was significantly smaller Popular.

The greatest variety of Muslim Us americans explain the political ideology due to the fact “moderate,” as well as the truth with a lot of most other groups. The latest “moderate” category is sold with 38% out-of Muslims, 40% regarding seculars, 41% away from black Protestants, 44% of white mainline Protestants and you can 46% away from light Catholics. Light evangelicals crack it pattern, to your biggest amount distinguishing themselves since conservatives (55%), just before moderates (30%).

Such partisan and you may ideological tastes was basically mirrored regarding the 2004 presidential election. Aggregation of one’s 50 county get-off polls used because of the National Election Pool means that over seven-in-10 Muslim voters (85%) served John Kerry for the 2004. This makes Muslims the same as black colored Protestants (86%) inside their support for Kerry, and you may significantly more greatly Popular within choose than Jews (74%) and you will secular voters (67%).

Ideal Role from Bodies

To your matter of ideal dimensions and you may extent from regulators, a strong greater part of Muslim Us americans (70%) say that they like a larger authorities that give much more qualities as an alternative than just an inferior regulators providing a lot fewer qualities, a desires nearly just like compared to black Protestants. One of evangelicals (along with light Catholics and you will light mainline Protestants), majorities share an inclination getting faster bodies.

Even after their relatively liberal governmental direction, Muslims never get liberal ranking toward every factors. To the social activities, he’s a whole lot more like light evangelicals. About sixty% regarding Muslim People in the us, such as, claim that homosexuality can be discouraged, a figure next to one filed certainly one of white evangelicals, and drastically greater than one of almost every other communities.

Into the case of whether regulators is involved in protecting morality, Muslim Us americans is significantly more supportive out-of bodies action than evangelicals (or other category). About half a dozen-in-ten Muslims (59%) accept that bodies have to do more to guard morality, compared to simply 30% who say they care your authorities gets also inside it in the dilemma of morality. Certainly virtually any significant spiritual teams, not even half display the view one authorities must do much more to guard morality.

Muslims as well as stay ahead of other teams on the problem of immigration, perhaps to some extent given that one or two-thirds (65%) regarding Muslim Us americans is basic-age bracket immigrants by themselves. When questioned if immigrants bolster or load the nation, as an instance, nearly around three-in-five Muslims say immigrants fortify the country. That it professional-immigrant sentiment is significantly greater than you to definitely seen certainly other religious organizations. (Catholic Hispanic Americans – several other classification that includes a high portion of earliest-age group immigrants – would be the difference. Asked a slightly some other matter inside an early on Pew questionnaire, two-thirds off Catholic Hispanic Us americans asserted that broadening quantities of immigrants strengthened American people.)


In manners, Muslim Us americans seem like a beneficial mosaic of several almost every other American communities, sharing specific qualities with this most other organizations whilst not getting identical to almost any of those. He could be not completely aside; indeed, in very important respects, Muslim Us citizens echo the newest religious and you may political values kept by very almost every other People in the us.